Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions I get about Figma and FigmaThemes.

How do I import .fig files into Figma?

Figma has a great help article on how to import such files here:

Do you offer refunds?

If there is something genuinely wrong with the product, then yes, I will give out a refund.  Generally speaking though, because this is a digital product and there is no real way to return it once you have bought it, I typically will not give a refund. If you have questions before buying consider trying the demo version of the product or reaching out to me directly.

Contact me.

How do I get product updates?

Gumroad will automatically email you at the address used to purchase the product when there is a new update available. Some products are completely finished and will not receive any updates.  While some of the newer products are updated on a regular basis.  Check the product description to see when updates are expected.

(PC Users) Where do I get the iOS fonts, San Francisco, New York, etc?

Fonts for iOS can be found here:

(PC Users) How do I open a .dmg file?

If you are trying to open .dmg files for iOS fonts or symbols, it can be tricky. You will need to download the 7-zip software.  Here is a helpful article on how to handle this:

If I purchase the Everything Bundle will you refund past purchases?

Yes, if you purchase one of my regular products and later buy the Everything Bundle, I will refund you for any and all past purchases.  Just leave me a message on my Contact page and I typically respond within a day or so.

Which license should I buy?

For most users, an individual license is all you need. And you can use it for any project you like (other than reselling it). If you are on a design team, or want to share the product with another designer, please purchase the multi-user license. This is an honor system as I have no way to truly enforce how you use a product once you've downloaded it.

How do I get support?

You can message me through my contact page and I will typically answer within a day. If you have any troubleshooting issues, questions about how to use the product, or haven't purchased yet and want to get more details on something particular, I'm available and happy to help.

Get support.

I have some feedback, where can I send that?

I love getting feedback!  Please help me make my products better, or suggest things that I haven't built yet. You can anonymously provide feedback through this Google form.  I read every submission.

Leave feedback.

Do you offer discounts for teachers and students?

I do indeed offer discounts for teachers and students.  Reach out to me on my contact page and I will see what I can do.

Can I use FigmaThemes products for commercial projects?

Absolutely! You can use these products however you deem fit. However, you can not repackage nor resell this library.

Can I resell FigmaThemes products?

No! Stop asking. :)