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Free and premium Figma component libraries, icon sets, UI kits, app templates, mobile responsive templates, wireframes and more. Made specifically for UX designers working in Figma.

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Figma iOS UI Kits and Templates


Design mobile screens and apps faster than ever. Filled with hundreds of unique templates and even more well-crafted components, your next project will get the jump start it needs.

Figma Salesforce Component Library


Massive Figma Salesforce component library.  Pixel perfect replication of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. Hyper flexible components built with Figma's powerful constraints system.  Includes all Salesforce icons as Figma components that are easily adjustable.  Swap out components and icons with Figma's instances panel.

Figma Slack Block Kit Builder

Slack Block Kit Builder

Hundreds of well-crafted components and dozens of templates built specifically for use in Figma. Styled to the precise specifications of the Slack design system. Easy to use and edit, this library leverages many of Figma's powerful features, including nested components, and flexible constraints. All components can be easily adjusted and resized while maintaining proper layouts.

Figma Bootstrap 4 Component Library

Bootstrap 4

Comprehensive library of Figma components for the full Bootstrap 4 GUI framework.  Built to exact CSS specifications outlined in the Bootstrap 4 documentation. Every element from alerts to progress bars to icons. Design websites and apps faster than ever.

Figma Slack App Mobile Templates

Slack App

43 pixel perfect mobile templates for use with Figma, consistent with the iOS 12 Slack mobile app. Comprehensive library of templates that digs deep into the mobile Slack app; view profile, settings, channel creation and more.

Figma Everything Bundle

Everything Bundle

Everything I've ever made, and everything I will make in the future. Forever. Includes iOS, Salesforce, Bootstrap and Slack tempaltes and libraries.  Save over 50% on all products compared to buying them individually.